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Rhythm inc. showcases aren’t like any ordinary dance recital! Along with fabulous, we provide a captivating storyline, fabulous sets & an event you will never forget!

Every year we have 3-4 showcases to accommodate our lovely families. 



HERE! If you are new to Rhythm inc., prepare to be amazed!
Our studio will be converted into an enchanting showroom filled with beautifully decorated sets that will make your jaw drop!


Before you can buy tickets you will need to know WHEN your child will dance! 


How much?

There’s a $35 performance fee per dancer. This will be automatically deducted from your account on JUNE 11th.

Where to get tickets?

Click the button below to visit our special TutuTix page on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Tickets go on sale on MAY 14TH at 1 pm! 

Available May 14th

If your child does more than 1 show....

You can purchase 1 Front Row ticket in either the Morning, Afternoon, or Evening show and General Seating in the Morning, Afternoon, or Evening show for $10.00 off! 

(Please text 832-465-1589 for discount code!)

*You cannot purchase front row seats in both shows for this bundle price * *it is a $10 discount per person coming to multiple shows*

Single Tickets Morning, Afternoon and EveningPer Ticket
First and Second Row$30
General Seating$25

Production Classes:

Every year we choreograph an extensive opening number that includes the kids who can commit to additional classes through the months of February to June. Auditions are on SEPTEMBER 11th @12:15pm Sign up today if you would like your child to audition for the Production Classes.

Solo/Duo/Trio Performance:

If your child would like to do an extra number in the showcase on their own, with some of his/her friends, speak with Jessica about how to get started! Each solo/duo/trio dance will be $10/person per show. (Private lessons must be taken to prepare and choreograph)

If your child would like to dance with Mr. Michael….

Pro-am showcase fee is $225.00 PER Child Performer. This includes one specially choreographed dance with Mr. Michael performed in one show. (Private lessons must be taken to prepare and choreograph) *Each additional dance or show will be $25.00*

Click Below to Register:


Showcase Hair Styles


Dress Rehearsal!

The dress rehearsal is mandatory for all performing classes. Please bring ALL costumes for this showcase with your child's hair and makeup DONE so we can let you know if there need to be any changes before the BIG DAY!!

Saturday, May 28th

We have a LOT to run and polish up in that time frame and would like all parents to see it at its BEST and final stage, so we ask that you drop your child off at the dress rehearsal and that parents don't stay so you can see it PERFECT the day of the show. It will be a nice break for you to get some coffee or to go pick up some last-minute necessities for the show the next week! ;-) You are welcome to wait in the car, but parents will not be allowed to stay and watch the dress rehearsal. :-)


- go through the showcase check list (Located in your child's costume bag)

- all costumes must be LABELED (grab masking tape and write your child's name on it, then place in INSIDE the costume so when they are doing their quick changes and items get lost, we can find them easily)

- If your child has multiple costumes, they must all be on a hanger along with the accessories. If your child has accessories, please place them in a Ziplock Bag that hangs with its respective costume.

NOTE: Itty Bitty Ballroom, Twinkle Toes, Baby Ballroom and Tiny Tots will be dismissed early (Parents please wait in the car so we dismiss your child to you promptly after.

Your Style. Your Skills. Our Expertise.

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