"The Greatest Show!" Showcase 2020

"The Greatest Show!" Showcase 2020

Due to Covid-19, we are no longer having our showcase on June 13.... We have found a new date that will give the children more time to prepare as well as this situation to dissipate. 

Please mark your calendars for the weekend of August 1 & 2nd!

At this point we do not know if we will need both days to do the showcase.
We may have a section of our students perform on August 1st and then a section of our students come on August 2nd. 
We are also rearranging our dressing room area to be in our new studio so that we do not have a large number of people in the same building.

We do have costumes in already and I am planning to contact each class sometime soon to come pick them up.
Whether or not your child will be performing, Costumes will be available for pick up.

With this being said, please let me know by June 1 if your child will be attending and performing in the showcase so that the teachers can accommodate and adjust routines and formations. 
We look forward to another wonderful showcase!

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